We are very sorry to announce that Owleyes is closing it's doors after 15 years. We have had a wonderful time and appreciate you all. A few local Austin stores will be carrying Owleyes Tees for a limited time. We encourage you to shop small with Oasis or Prima Dora. Both located in our home town of Austin! If our shirts aren't shown on their site, please drop into their locations!

Our Happy Clients!

"As I type, I am sitting at my computer wearing one of my favorite Owleyes….a baseball tee with a humorous take on a Willie song….”Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grown Up To Be Owlgirls!” Owleyes shirts are not only fashionable but make a statement which can be thought provoking like LOVE in many different languages, or funny like "Where There is a Willie There is a Waylon”. They are the kind of shirts that become old friends. You can’t live without them."
Mary Lockwood Crouch
"I have been loving Owleyes t-shirts for years. They are always coming out with new, fun designs and there are so many to choose from. I've bought these t-shirts for all of my family and friends. They are soft and comfy, made with high quality materials. I've gotten so many compliments and I always tell people Owleyes is the best!"
Kelly Stepura
"I have worked with Owleyes Tees for years now and not only are they the best shirts I’ve ever worn, but they are a philanthropic company that matches the heart of Austin. They take pride in their work and their quality is above anything I’ve ever owned. Love Owleyes! Thank you for being a proud supporter of AFSP the last seven years!"
Kelli Meyer
"I love Owleyes tshirt designs, fabrics and cooler than cool vibes so much that they're the only think that I wear!!"
Kathleen Casey
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